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Hitler did not die in the Berlin bunker

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This 2 hour + downloadable file is a comprehensive collection of evidence of the escape of Hitler; authentic video footage that include witness testimonies of persons who met Hitler in Argentina after the war, lots of telling photographs, copies of secret government documents and much more.

All the information is placed within context and presented as a historic drama documentary.

The link to the download is sent via email – quickly and easily downloaded to a PC.



It has never been proven that the dictator and war criminal Adolf Hitler died in the bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II.

Shortly after the war ended, the allied commander-in-chief Eisenhower, the soviet dictator Stalin and many others assumed that Hitler had escaped.

But what actually happened to Hitler?

Although Hitler himself wanted to die in the bunker other strongmen like Martin Bormann wanted to save the life of their führer. Nazi Germany had a submarine fleet that kept operating after the end of the war and far south Argentina had a nazi friendly regime who willingly received lots of nazi war criminals.

In Patagonia, the southern part of Argentina there were areas crowded by nazis and desolate and well protected places where the fleing Hitler lived a quiet life for more than a decade.

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