The 11 september terror: HOW, WHO and WHY

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This 2 hour + DVD contains both a CSI – a Crime Scene Investigation presentation – of the crime scenes New York City (The Twin Towers) and Washington DC (The Pentagon) and a revelation about who the real terrorists were («Everyone talks about 911 being an inside job. Why so few ask who the real insiders were…?»)

This revealing fact DVD has 4 parts:
– Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) New York (the WTC towers)
– Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Washington DC (the Pentagon)
– WHO and WHY: Who were the real perpetrators and what were their motives?
– The 911 terror coverup

Most of the Twin Towers turned from steel into fine dust within milliseconds.
This had nothing to do with fire in the buildings.

Pentagon was hit by a military missile

There were terror drills going on on 11 september. Vice president Dick Cheney who had put himself in charge of NORAD, the air defence systems of the USA earlier in 2001, was leading a terror drill that had actually flying objects going through the air. One of them was heading towards Pentagon.

The media has been complicit in covering up the 911 truth from before the 911 terror happened. The 911 coverup is still going on, using different psy ops and manipulations through the media.

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Video evidence showing the explosion in the Pentagon building:

The most important terrorist are presented with name position and their role in the 911 terrorist attacks. The real terrorists were white men of middle age or old age. Some of them having high security clearances. There were no muslims among the real terrorists.

None of the real terrorists have been interrogated as terror suspects yet. They are all still alive, although a main figure like Frank Carlucci – in 2001 CEO of The Carlyle Group – has now has turned 84.

The complexity and motives of the 911 terrorist attacks are deep as a rabbithole. Some unknown motives that are beyond the fathoming of most people that have been stated by insiders are presented and analyzed within the context of the crime scene evidence.

Duration: 2 hours 14 min

Delivery time: 3-10 days


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