This is ET Disclosure

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This is ET Disclosure is probably one of the best and most informative collection of evidence of Extraterrestrials visiting Earth. All the six portraits of people to the left display real extraterrestrial visitors.

Extraterrestrial life and ET visitors to Earth has been a reality for a long time.

Now the evidence is also available in the form of fotos, live videos, first hand witness testimony from people who have met with live extraterrestrials in physical bodys repeatedly, mostly through their sometimes very secret work.

This is ET Disclosure is available as a downloadable file for less than 5 euro!

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More than 10 individual cases of ET visitors are presented. Within each case first hand witnesses tell about their own personal encounters with extraterrestrial life on Earth. The testimonies are supplied with various forms of evidence, including 3 live video footages of real extraterrestrials. Each case has been thoroughly researched and is supplied with background information that puts the sometimes mind blowing evidence and testimonies within a larger context.

Some of the witnessed have worked within top secret projects with MAJ (Majestic) security clearances, that is the highest security cleareance, sky high above the “need to know” security clearances of US presidents, that have mostly been kept in the dark about what has actually been going on above, on and below US soil.

Since the ET evidence is now available, there is need for a presidential ET disclosure, this also in the light of that a US president does not have first hand knowledge.

This is ET Disclosure! is the best collection of ET evidence and is presenting multiple proof of ET vistitors in the form of photos, videoclips, firsthand witness testimonies and other.

The price 45 NOK equals 5 USD – less than 5 euro.

THIS is ET DISCLOSURE is being delivered as A DOWNLOADABLE FILE. After the purchase has been registered, a link for download will be sent via email. No shipping costs.

This exceptional video documentary will be at your computer after just an hour or two of downloading time. (File size is 2,16 Gb.)

Delivery time is 2 – 48 hours after placement of the order.


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